He, who rides with the dogs…


My name is Tom, living in the middle of the palatine forrest in the little town Lambrecht.
Born 1966 I startet to get my drivers license for the motorcycle relatively late in 2004.
In may 2006 we bought a ‘cylonsteamboat’ which is a Honda Pan European ST1300.
November 2006 we got our first dog… Jacky, a jack russle mixture. We started to make her feel comfortable with the bike with a lot of careful and patient training and dog treats;)
Sadly we lost her in 2014..

How do you make dogs feel comfortable riding a motorcycle?
The topcase is in the first couple of month their cozy home to retreat in the house, also the spot where you give them treats. When they get used to the fact that you can zip the cozy home as well without anything bad happens, you’ll put the topcase on the bike.
Then you sit the dog in their “retreat” and make them feel completely comfortable up there again.
It’s all a matter of patience and time (and of course some treats) to get the dog used to starting the engine, have the noises and the movement of the bike being nothing bad to them.. start to make little trips in an enclosed safe area with the dog, in front of the house. Then when it’s ok for the dog, start to make little rides of 5 min for a start, get them then out of the topcase , walk and play with them.. put them back in and so on… til they are very comfortable with the situation. Depending of the dog this training can take up to 3 month.
Our furry friends…
2012 in August we got “Willy” a yorkey-ratonero mixture from Mallorca (a spanish island). He was a fast learner. In the same year he just needed 3 weeks to feel comfy in the whole situation!!!
As soon we put our motorcycle gear on he’s running excited into the garage, hops into the topcase and is waiting for us.

In December of 2014 “Lotte” came out of rumania in our house. She is a bit bigger, so she needs to sit in the back. Not like Willy, quite happy yet with the situation, but she feels still safe enough to stay there relaxed. She took 3 month til she was ok with the whole situation…

The “homes” for them on the bike
In the front we have a bagsystem from BAGSTER. On the tank you have safely the cover specific for your model, then on top of it you have the topcase for pets up to 8 kg (“Puppy”. In there, is a possibility to connect the leash.
Willy and Lotte count as cargo in Germany and has to be secured against jumping and falling off the bike.

In the back we got an genuine topcase from Honda, cut 2 big holes in the top of it (just big enough for her head ONLY, that there is no risk of jumping out) and additionally several litte ones for air on the whole sides. So it also secured cargo.

Since Willy sits right behind the windshield, he didn’t needed some glasses.

Lotte on the other hand sits all the way in the back where she’s not protected against the wind blowing, so she needed glasses.

We’re riding 1-1,5 hrs in one shot, then we’re stopping for a break for about 30min, that the little ones can have some fun and exercise. This way we can have a full fange of about 300 km on a day.

We got only stopped by the police cause they wanted to take pictures. In our breaks we’re easily in contact with other bikers. The interest in us is huge and most of the bikers find it cool. No one ever saw something like this before, especially with 2 dogs and without a sidecar.

Meanwhile we have traveled in between 15000 and 20000 kilometers a year, our dogs are part of the family. That for we’ve decided to get a big bike and this version of a “dog-transport”.

If anyone is interested to try it with their own furry friends, feel free to contact me…

Sincerely Tom

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  1. Alex

    Das is unmoglich, aber das is naturlich, meine freind. Wow!. Meinen respekt.

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